The following conditions form the basis of your contract with singingnest.com (Singing Holidays Limited). Please read them carefully as they set out our respective rights and obligations. By subscribing to singingnest.com, we are entitled to assume that you have had the opportunity to read these conditions and agree to them.

In these conditions, “you” and “your” “SNF” mean a Friend of Singing Holidays subscriber. SNF is an abbreviation for Friend of Singing Holidays.

“We”, “us”, “our”, “Singing Holidays”, “Singing Nest”, “singingholidays.com” and “sinigngnest.com” mean Singing Holidays Limited.

If you’d like more information regarding our terms and conditions, then do contact us.

Your Subscription

A. The Perks
  1. As a Singing Nest Friend (SNF), we will supply you with certain membership ‘perks’ through singingnest.com. These exclusive membership perks will include the following:
    1. Live Lounge – live performances and conversations – 10 per year.
    2. Cloud 9 chorus membership includes 30 1hr rehearsal sessions per year plus 30, 15 min support Zoom Q&As.
    3. Three 10% discounted singing lessons with expert teachers.
    4. Sound and Silence – Yoga and meditation – 30 1hr sessions per year plus 30, 15 min support Q&As.
    5. Performance (see A2)
  1. Each year the Singing Nest will organize a performance for SNFs (subject to COVID-19 and global health restrictions). The music for these performances will be covered primarily in the Cloud 9 online rehearsals. There will also be 3 physical workshops in the UK each year. Any costs relating to these ‘physical’ workshops or any rehearsal before a Singing Nest performance is not included in an SNF membership.
B. Payment
  1. To qualify as an SNF, you must have received an invitation and invite code from Singing Nest. An SNF must pay a 3-month subscription of £90 (Singing Nest Premium) or £80 (Singing Nest Online) to Singing Holidays Ltd via direct debit. Credit card or cheque payments are not accepted. Failure to pay your subscription may jeopardize your membership.
  2. We reserve the right to cancel a subscription without reason and with immediate effect. In this event, we would return any remainder of your most recent subscription instalment and ask you to cancel your direct debit instruction.
C. Membership
  1. There are two types of Singing Nest membership: Singing Nest Premium and Singing Nest Online. Both memberships include all online activities (perks). Singing Nest Online does not include the opportunity to sing in outside event, concerts and productions organized by the Singing Nest. Unlike Premium, SN Online does not include posted sheet music. This must be purchased additionally at your own expense or downloaded from the Nest if applicable. Premium memberships include all music materials, either posted to you or downloaded from the Singing Nest.
  2. Each membership is based on a 12-month subscription. If you wish to upgrade to Nest Premium from Nest Online, you will need to pay any difference based on the time left within your 12-month contract.
D. Cancellation
  1. You can cancel your SNF membership at any time. There is a minimum subscription contract of 3 months. Please consider the following before cancellation:
    1. There are only limited SNF memberships available at any one time. We cannot guarantee membership availability if you choose to cancel or if your subscription is cancelled by us and then you subsequently choose to resubscribe as an SNF.
    2. Cancellation of a subscription will result in all membership perks being withdrawn at the end of your subscription term, i.e. at the end of your 3-month payment period.
D. Privacy/copyright
  1. All content on singingnest.com or singingholidays.com is subject to copyright. It is forbidden to distribute, share or copy any material including video, images, or text without the express permission of Singing Holidays. Failure to comply with our copyright may result in the cancellation of your subscription.
  2. We will not publicly share any visual content (where an SNF is named or depicted) outside the Singing Nest private membership pages without the express permission of the person(s) concerned.
F. Change to our terms
  1. We will give all SNF members three months’ notice of any proposed changes to perks, subscription fees and/or discounts while reserving the right to make any such changes.

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