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The Nest community

The Singing Nest is a community of like-minded chirpers who love to sing. By joining the Nest, you will become a member (and a Chirper) of the UK-based Cloud 9 – a multi-genre chorus. Cloud 9 meet for regular singing workshops in the UK (primarily in London) and also online. Future C9 engagements include: Dido and Aeneas conducted by Robert Dean (classical) plus performances in London with Lizzie Deane (gospel and music theatre) and Danilo Tepša (classical).

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Fancy joining us on a Cloud 9 workshop? Register free as a Singing Nest Chirper. We’ll send you all the goodies, including workshop dates. If you’d like to be at the top of the list for future workshops, then please put yourself on the waiting list.


Of course, Cloud 9 will be performing in the UK in multiple venues and genres. Including a London production of Dido and Aeneas and various performances from folk and gospel to classical.

UK Breaks & Retreats

From 2022 we’ll be offering new, UK-based weekend breaks and retreats. These will be led by Lizzie Deane, Alex & Témi and other guest experts. If you’re interested in joining us on a weekend of singing in the UK, then become a Chirper, and we’ll send you all the info.

Special events

From time to time, we’ll advertise a special fixture. This could be an online ‘in conversation with a special guest’ event, or a physical event in the UK. Please register as a Nest Chirper to receive more information as and when such an event is advertised.

Cloud 9

We are very fortunate to have hugely talented and diverse experts running our Cloud 9 rehearsals. Robert, Danilo and Lizzie bring a huge amount of experience and talent to workshops and live sessions, taking us through diverse genres, and teaching us the skills necessary for good ensemble singing.

As well as being a professor at the Guildhall School of Music and one of the foremost singing teachers in the UK at the moment, Robert Dean is known as an exceptional conductor of both orchestras and choirs.

He was Artistic Director of The Philharmonia Chorus 1998-2008 collaborating with the most famous maestri of the day and in 2000, he was appointed chorus master for a memorable performance at the BBC Proms of Berlioz’s Grande Messe des Morts conducted by Sir Colin Davis.

Lizzie Deane has performed with some of the great soul, funk & blues artists of the last 30 years. Her sessions are as entertaining as they are instructive. Music is learnt primarily by ear, with a focus on freeing us up physically. Learning music aurally rather than visually is a must-have skill for any singer of any genre.

Danilo is a singer, harpsichordist, teacher and chorus master from Wiesbaden in Germany. Danilo’s skill is his ability to eke out the best ensemble singing – developing musical knowledge and singing ability – while at the same time leaving a huge smile on your face.

Robert, Lizzie and Danilo are the perfect complementary combination of talents for our Cloud 9 workshops and sessions. They’re also lovely and not scary in the slightest, so don’t panic!

Expert Teachers

Fancy a one-to-one online singing lesson with an expert? Our Nest teachers are extremely talented, working professionals who just happen to be really lovely people who are completely approachable. Whether you’re new to singing or just about to step out onto the stage in your first production, you couldn’t be in better and more competent hands.

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~ Dalai Lama

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