Singing Nest - For Friends who love to sing.

Singing Nest.

An international, online community of friends who just love to sing.

An online community of friends who just love to sing.

Singing Nest

The Singing Nest is an international, online community for invited friends. For a small subscription a Singing Nest Friend membership entitles you to some unique perks that are exclusively for you.

Perks such as our Live Lounge conversation & performance with stars such as The Unthanks, Benjamin Luxon CBE, Timothy Wayne-Wright from The King’s Singers and Bellowhead’s Jon Boden.

As a Singing Nest Friend you can join Cloud 9, our unique, small group chorus. Cloud 9, which combines multiple genres, will perform in a London production of Purcell’s Dido & Aeneas with a superb professional cast. Cloud 9 will be led by both Timothy Wayne-Wright and Danilo Tepša.

We believe limited numbers produces unlimited possibilities. We therefore keep our membership small so you can get the most from every ‘Perk’. Places are therefore only available by invitation. If you haven’t received an invitation, you can register your interest, and we’ll put you on our waiting list ready for the next hatching!

Singing Nest Perks

A Singing Nest Friend membership (SNF) is only available by invitation & costs £90 for a Premium Membership and £80 for an Online only membership every 3 months. As a Friend, you will receive some exclusive, unique and rather lovely musical perks.

If you’ve been on a Singing Holidays event before you will be fast-tracked and invited to subscribe to the Singing Nest. If you’re interested in becoming a Singing Nest Friend but haven’t received an invitation, please register your interest and we’ll put you on our waiting list ready for the next hatching!

To create a worthwhile experience we have restricted the availability of Singing Nest memberships. We believe limited numbers create unlimited possibilities. Every perk focuses on the importance of the individual within a small group of like-minded friends.

Sound and Silence

Thirty annual meditation and bodywork sessions to keep us supple, sane and breathing deeply.

Show the Love

With your permission we’d love to acknowledge you as part of the community on the SN and SH websites.

Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is our Singing Nest chorus which will include 30 weeks of online rehearsals each year. Cloud 9 is not purely classical but a combination of genres. The focus is on voice, ensemble, repertoire and interpretation.

Cloud 9 will include Zoom Live rehearsals and Q&As. The Q&As will be a great opportunity to touch base and respond to any Cloud 9 queries. The Nest is small, so we’re always on hand to help.

So, Cloud 9 isn’t just online. When we can meet physically, The Singing Nest will be arranging a series of Cloud 9 workshops and performances including a London production of Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas with professional musicians & soloists.

Cloud 9 Teachers

We are very fortunate to have two hugely talented experts running our Cloud 9 YouTube Live rehearsals. Timothy and Danilo will also be answering questions within regular Zoom room Q&As.

Timothy is a Grammy Award® winning countertenor who has sung in over 1500 concerts with The King’s Singers. He’s led masterclasses and workshops for ensembles and choirs including Voces 8, The Real Group and the Calmus Ensemble.

Danilo is a superb teacher and chorus master from Wiesbaden in Germany. Timothy specializes in the key elements of good ensemble singing, whereas Danilo is a master at teaching you the music. They are the perfect complementary combination of talents for our Cloud 9 sessions. They’re also lovely and not scary in the slightest, so don’t panic!

Timothy Wayne-Wright

Cloud 9 Ensemble expert

Danilo Tepša

Cloud 9 Repertoire expert

Cloud 9 Rehearsals

Initially, Cloud 9 rehearsals will focus on Dido and Aeneas. While Danilo helps you learn Purcell’s wonderful choruses, Timothy will focus on the key elements for good ensemble singing including breathing, posture, listening, vowel matching, colours, balance, blend and text. As well as Dido, we’ll be exploring folk songs from around the world and having a bit of fun with some classics from The Beatles, too!

Each month there will be two Cloud 9 Zoom Q&As with both Danilo and Timothy respectively so you can directly raise any queries you may have from the YouTube rehearsals.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be. The Nest is small and cosy, and we’re always on hand to help you if you’re feeling out of your depth. The Nest is totally inclusive – meaning you don’t have to read music. Even if you’re clinging to the shower curtain of insecurity, we’re always there with a warm towel of singing comfort for you to snuggle into.

Perform Dido

This is where it all gets very exciting! As a Singing Nest Friend and therefore a member of Cloud 9, you will be at the heart of a future London production of Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas conducted by the brilliant Robert Dean.

The Singing Nest Dido and Aeneas will be like no other. With a collaboration of professionals from the classical and folk scene, we intend to produce a unique piece of fusion theatre. Cloud 9 will be the chorus within this exciting production.

There will be three Dido UK workshops in 2021 and one more workshop prior to the performances in London.  This will be a very special opportunity to perform in a professional production with some of the most talented musicians from two musical worlds.

Singing Nest - For Friends who love to sing.

My Dido and Aeneas

By Robert Dean

Purcell’s mini-opera Dido and Aeneas has always held a special place in my affections. I originally got to know it in a recording made by the young Janet Baker, cementing a lifelong passion for, and addiction to, her voice and artistry.

I first heard it live at the Proms when I was a teenager and was then eager to conduct it myself where the opportunity presented itself whilst I was at University. Subsequently, I was I able to conduct it on a number of occasions and in that time have seen and heard the authentic brigade taking it over and each time giving it a facelift for better or for worse.

What can never be removed is Purcell’s ability to distil a momentous event in Virgil’s Aeneid to an hour’s duration with clarity, imagination and profundity; one has only to think of Dido’s lament “When I am laid in earth” as being the emotional highlight of the opera followed by the cathartic chorus “With drooping wings”.

The chorus plays an important and significant role as courtiers, witches or sailors commenting on the action as well as participating in it. Each time I conduct it, there is always something new to find in the text and the music.

It is pure genius!

Live Lounge Guests

Singing Nest - For Friends who love to sing.

Expert Teachers

Singing Nest - For Friends who love to sing.

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