Nest Builders

Témi and Alex

For over 10 years, Témi, Maggie and I have run Singing Holidays.

Singing Holidays is a melting pot of our experiences – a combination of our passions, successes and insecurities. On every holiday, we try to create a nurturing environment where one can feel safe. A place to find your voice. Often it is therapeutic, magical and transformative. It connects people. It engenders deep friendships. It lets you be you without fear or judgement.

When The Sunday Times reviewed one of our holidays they said, “whatever it was, it felt like magic“.  The magic radiates from a small ‘nest’ of friends who just love to sing.

Temi and Alex - The Nest Builders
Témi and Alex
Nest Builders

The Nest

Always there to snuggle into.

The Singing Nest is an online community of invited friends. For a small subscription, we organize a selection of exclusive online and offline singing perks.

As with our Singing Holidays, we like to keep things cosy. Consequently, there are only limited Singing Nest Friendships available. Our motto at Singing Holidays is ‘Limited numbers, unlimited possibilities’. The same is true at the Singing Nest. You will never be a name on a spreadsheet but a friend among friends with a passion for singing.

From our Cloud 9 chorus to our Live Lounge conversations and performances, the Nest is a haven of music where you can sing and connect. We want to take you backstage and introduce you to – and perform with – some brilliant professional musicians and singers, and meanwhile we want to teach you new singing techniques and introduce you to new genres and new possibilities.

We love organizing Singing Holidays. It’s like teaching – you get back more than you could ever put in. You make lifelong friends, you go to places where you would never have been in a million years. You sing in stunning locations and collaborate with new cultures. More than all of that though, you find your voice, and in doing so something magical happens.

There is, however, one problem. It all lasts no more than a week. The Singing Nest on the other hand, is always there to snuggle into.

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“Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back and reasons to stay”
~ Dalai Lama

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