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How it works.

The Nest.

An international, online community of friends who just love to sing.

What is it?

The Singing Nest is an online platform for singers that’s fun, educational and developmental.

We believe limited numbers produces unlimited possibilities. We therefore keep our membership small so you can get the most from every ‘Perk’. Places are therefore only available by invitation. If you haven’t received an invitation, you can register your interest, and we’ll put you on our waiting list ready for the next hatching!

The Singing Nest year is split into three terms. During each term, the Nest offers certain ‘Perks’ including: Cloud 9 Chorus (30 weeks per year of LIVE online sessions), Live Lounge (10 per year of LIVE conversation and performance), Vocal Garage (access to one-2-one tuition with professional teachers from all genres), Sound and Silence (breathing, bodywork and meditation specifically for singers).

With a Premium membership, the Nest also offers the opportunity to sing in physical productions, concerts and workshops in stunning locations with professional artists.

Cloud 9 Chorus.

There are 10 Cloud 9 rehearsals each term shared between German conductor Danilo Tepša and former King’s Singer, Timothy Wayne-Wright. These sessions will be brought to you LIVE via Zoom. There will also be a 10 – 15 min Zoom Q&As after each session so you can offer ideas and questions directly to Timothy and Danilo. It’s a great time to socialize with your fellow Nesters too!

How do the Cloud 9 rehearsals work?

Zoom offer new opportunities for vocal development! Because the Singing Nest is small, there’s more bandwidth – excuse the pun – to drill down into the finer points of good ensemble singing. At the end of each LIVE session there will be a 10 – 15 min Zoom Q&A where you can quiz Timothy and/or Danilo with any relevant queries you may have.

COVID-19 and ‘physical’ performances.

Due to COVID-19, there will be no physical performances until a vaccine or treatment has been identified. We imagine this won’t be until the middle/end of 2021. As far the Nest is concerned, this would be good timing, as we’ll all be fully rehearsed and ready to sing in some exciting venues.

Vocal Garage

We’re joined in the Nest by some truly amazing teachers and performers from all genres. If you’d like a one-2-one singing lesson with an expert, then the Vocal Garage is your opportunity. As a Singing Nest member, you will also get a 10% discount on your first three lessons.

Sound and Silence.

Feeling stiff and stressed? Want to improve your breathing and therefore your singing? Included in the Nest membership is Sound and Silence with classical singer and British Wheel of Yoga teacher, Témi. 10 LIVE Zoom sessions each term will focus on meditation, breathing and bodywork.

Nest memberships.

Premium or Online?

There are two types of Nest membership – Premium and Online.

  • Singing Nest Premium includes all online Perks plus the opportunity to sing in physical productions, concerts and workshops in stunning locations with professional artists.
  • Singing Nest Online includes all the online Perks but is for those who are unable to participate in the live ‘physical’ performances and workshops.

A Premium membership costs £90 GBP (or equivalent currency) every 3 months. Please note, the cost of physical performances and outside events are not included in your subscription payment.

An Online membership costs £80 GBP (or equivalent currency) every 3 months. Please note, an Online membership is based on a 12-month minimum contract. You can cancel both memberships at anytime, but if you choose to upgrade to Premium – should your circumstances change – you will be asked to pay the difference based on the time left within your 12-month contract.

Fledgling Academy

Coming in 2021 – our Junior ‘fledgling’ academy. A special Singing Nest membership for 16 – 21-year-olds.

Improve your ensemble singing, vowel matching, interpretation, foreign language pronunciation and much more besides with former King’s Singer Timothy Wayne-Wright and German conductor Danilo Tepša.

More news on the Fledging Academy coming soon. Meanwhile, why not register your interest?

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